Jacket - Topshop, Shirt - Topman, Shorts - H&M

Hi everyone! Sorry for the total delay in posting, I have just returned from Liverpool, where I have been for a hen weekend. Needless to say, my good intentions of bringing my laptop and doing some work/blogging whilst travelling there fell flat and I didn't do any. Nor any on the way back. The weekend itself was amazing though, and I have returned to reality with a shock at a) how behind on work I am and b) how I always leave everything to the last minute.

On a sartorial note, it is finally heating up outside and thus my pale limbs have been exposed to the horror of the public. I am currently combining typing on here with a little sunbathing so hopefully that situation will be rectified soon. This shirt is another steal from my brother, which he is as yet unaware of, and is ideal for the Alexander Wang-esque vibe I love. Also, who is excited about his collaboration with H&M? Wish I didn't have to wait till November 6...